About Us

The Knowledge Base of Hamer Dawa Company was founded in 1395 by one of the most prominent drug manufacturing teams in the country
The strategy of the company is to improve the health of patients through the introduction of new products and biosimilar.
Using the latest technology in the world, Hummer Drug Co. produces superior quality pharmaceuticals.
The company also plans to improve the quality of life in the country by raising the level of awareness of the community in the field of health.
Developing and employing a young and highly trained young people with the initiative
Creativity and innovation, continuous learning, adherence to social responsibility, are the values ​​of this organization.
Currently, the company is building one of the most equipped biotechnology factories with an area of ​​3500 square meters.
The various parts of this factory are as follows:
Site for the production of biological products
Research and development site (R & D)
Filling Line (Vial Adapter)
QC Lab
QA guarantee
The mission of the company is transferring the know-how of the day to pharmaceutical products into the country and localizing them

کليه حقوق مادي و معنوي اين وب سايت متعلق به شرکت هامر نوین دارو تولید(سهامی خاص) مي باشد